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Loads is happening in the coming weeks! In 10 days we will go on our Reformation tour and in 2 weeks we  will be in Africa, but this Sunday I will sing in Dortmund, Germany first: as a Mezzosoprano in Christoph Schönherr’s Jazz Oratorio „Hiskia“ (=Hezekiah). Conducted by Ingomar Kury in the Lutherkirche Dortmund-Hörde. More Info here



„Wenn wir wollten was wir sollten“ on SWR2 

…SWR2 just played my song „Wenn wir wollten was wir sollten“ on the Radio.  In the feature „Luther-Wegbereiter der Gewissensfreiheit“ by Andreas Malessa.  All in German. Good feature about the freedom of conscience and what Luther had to do with that. 🙂




Hello lovely people, please forgive me for neglecting this news page for months! Not like nothing happened, but with so much happening and this multimedial world of facebook, instagram, twitter, newsletters etc. etc. I am just not catching up. Anyway, I’ll try to do better from now on. 🙂

So since January, I’ve been on the road in Germany again and this weekend there are 3 events waiting for you:  a choir workshop for pupils and young folks at Ludwigsgymnasium in Köthen, open to all and free of charge. 3-6pm. It’s a prep workshop for my concert in Köthen on April 28. And then concerts on Saturday and Sunday in Gräfenhainichen and Stein (near Nürnberg). Just check my „live“ page for details and come by if you’re around!



FREIHEIT Berlin Record Release Concert on Monday, October 31


We are happy to announce that there IS going to be a release concert for my new album „FREIHEIT“: Monday, October 31, 2016. Germany’s very own reformation day! In Berlin, Kreuzberg at Emmaus-Kirche (see further details at „live“).

500 years ago, in 1517, 95 theses published by Martin Luther set the reformation in motion. But what does that have to do with today? Especially with those of us who don’t go to church? Well, Luther’s bible translation from the early 1600s was the foundation for the High or standard German we speak in Germany today. It was all about communication and cross regional understanding.
The hearty, direct and sometimes quite radical Martin Luther and his contemporaries such as Melanchthon and many others were the radical trendsetters of their time. They set something in motion that had considerable ripple effect.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be singing together in church today. In our mothertongue (not latin). And there are other topics, such as daring to take a stance, following your conscience rather than human authorities, freedom from false bondages such as indulgences, and questioning tradition.
What all of that has to do with Jazz and Soul? Well, just come and hear for yourself this October 31. We will play all songs from the album with full band, and I will reveal some secrets about the songs.

We look forward to having many of you come and celebrate the Record Release with us! 🙂


TV featurette on Swiss – Italian TV about my new album about the Reformation:



NEW CD out!

Hello dear English-speaking, or should I say non-German-speaking fans. Let me update you on what has been happening since December, when this new homepage came online. Lots! Next to some band concerts all over Germany, in March I went to SPRING, a German family faith festival (much like Spring Harvest in Britain) to sing there and give a choir workshop. In June, I released the improvised worship CD „Love Song for the Nation“ with my dear friend and colleague Sebastian Bailey. All summer I haven been learning new songs in over 10 languages for the women’s acapella quartet Aquabella, of which I am a part since this August. But most importantly, I have been working on my newest album „FREIHEIT- Auf den Spuren Martin Luthers“ which could be roughly translated as „Freedom – following the tracks/steps of Martin Luther“. The CD was officially released this past Friday, August 26th. Now you can get it here in my Shop or at my live concerts, at itunes etc.
I am afraid you will have to polish your German skills or ask some German speakers for the meaning of the songs. It’s all about reformation. We celebrate 500 years of reformation in Germany next year, in 2017. I was intrigued by this event, topic and concept and decided to both rearrange old songs by Luther and write new songs on the theme of reformation.
Go ahead and order your copy of one of my 2 newest CDs and have fun discovering! And see you at one of my next concerts with Aquabella or my band.

PS: The titletrack „Freiheit“ was made into a songvideo, shot in July in Berlin. You can see it here:


FINALLY!!! New Website online 

Hello everybody, as you can see, my new website is finally online. After many weeks of choosing designs and photos with the wonderful graphic designer Florian Walz, making small and bigger decisions, editing and writing texts and all the lovely things that are part of redesigning a website, we are finally live in a beautiful new look. We hope you like it. Amongst other things, I have added a whole section on seminars, workshop and vocal coaching. Enjoy browsing. We hope you find everything you need and want to know. Do visit the guestbook and leave an entry. 🙂

PS: The water pictures, by the way, were taken by the awesome photographer Sam Kim at Whiskeytown Lake in northern California.


SPIN – lyrics
Today I got a request for the lyrics of my song „SPIN“ from the album Green Land (JazznArts 2009) of my valued musical collaborator Samuel Jersak. Here are the lyrics:

SPIN (Lyrics: Sarah Kaiser; Music: Samuel Jersak+Sarah Kaiser (Melody)

Do you know what time it is
Can you hear the sound?
Do you see the shadows dance?
Moving all around?

Do you feel the sun is here?
Will you come join in?
Twirl and stumble all around
Will you come and spin?

This is a new day
Everything is green
Winter’s cold has gone
And where have you been?

To greet this new day
Things unseen
Spring has finally come
And where, where have you been?

Do you know what time it is
It’s the year of jubilee
Everybody’s running wild
Singing, dancing, free

Do you feel the sun is here
Will you come join in?
Twirl and stumble all around
Will you come and spin?
Come, come, come and spin

This is a new day
Everything is green
Winter’s cold has gone
And where have you been? (Tell me, oh)

To greet this new day
Things unseen
Spring is finally here, so
Will you, will you come and spin?

Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Will you come, will you come
Join in, join in, join in and spin, spin spin…

To greet this new day
Everything is green
spring has finally come
And where have you been,

To greet this new day
Things unseen
Spring is finally here, and
Will you join in

To greet this new day
Things unseen
Spring has finally come….
Will you, will you join in? …


This weekend: Bad Doberan ++ soon: new website
Dear folks, after a longer summer break this weekend starts fresh with some concerts: In Bad Doberan at the Baltic Sea you can hear me w my trio and participate in a Gospelworkshop I am giving there – should you be near there. And soon to come is a fresh paint on my website – new design coming up.


Spring Update – Berlin concerts coming up
Dear folks, long time no hear. But the Sarah Kaiser Band has been busy giving concert all throughout Germany. In March we had the rare opportunity to play in the Berlin Velodrom in front of about 10.000 people at the Iranian Womens Conference for freedom and democracy. An important and moving day. In the beautiful month of May, we have a few Berlin concerts coming up. The only public one is on Thursday, May 21. Spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your seat via fon beforehand! See ya there or soon… 🙂


Happy New Year! And problems with the contact page
Dear Sarah Kaiser Fans and website visitors, we wish you a happy, healthy and light 2015! Unfortunately, we have just found out that there is a mistake in the contact page on this site; we are working on getting it fixed right away. In the meantime the contact info of my booker Peggy Anders is on the same page, so you can always connect with her. Speak, hear and see you soon! Sarah


Flashmob video – online!
here is the youtube video concerning the flashmob I talked about earlier. To date it has gotten more than 26.000 views on youtube – only a week online so far. So cool!

More information…