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“Hello Sarah, your workshop in Rotthausen inspired me very much. … after this great weekend I was looking for a term that could describe the feeling that you left for me. And since I wasn’t able to find one, I made one up:

‘Soundfire’ – I think this perfectly describes the light that you spread in our hearts with your sound.“

Sandra, November 2014

„Authentic, moving, exciting“ – a workshop with Sarah Kaiser widens your musical horizon and creates pure joy of sound and singing: an unforgettable experience! 

Sarah Kaiser holds a degree in vocal pedagogy and has been teaching voice since 1998, in private lessons as well as for groups and choirs, for instance at the National Academy for Musical Youth Education Trossingen (Southern Germany). Years of membership in various choirs (London Community Gospel choir a.o.) have widened her musical vocabulary and given her an authentic experience and knowledge of the music she teaches to others. Since 2007 Sarah Kaiser is adjunct teacher for pop vocals and choir directing at the Churchmusic C-Seminar (UdK) in Berlin.


Sarah offers seminars and workshops for choirs (gospel, jazz and pop) and on vocal topics such as solo singing, vocal technique and improvisation. This can be a choir coaching for an existing choir or a one-off workshop for open groups, for instance as a teambuilding exercise in your company. Sarah’s special strength lies in setting people free to enjoy singing, helping choirs find authentic expression of style and building their communication, presentation and expression in singing.

Interested in inviting Sarah for a workshop? Want to book a private lesson? Contact: vocalcoaching[at]


„Collective Singing leads to cooperation and selflessness. But even positive effects on each individual singer can be measured. The British psychologist Robin Dunbar of the University of Liverpool has done research on whether singing in church makes endorphine levels rise – those are the body’s own opiates that raise our stress and pain tolerance. … The surprising discovery:

Church members that had sung along were able to bear pain noticeably longer than those that had remained silent. Apparently the body releases this natural stress protection when singing together.“ 

Christoph Drösser, DIE ZEIT December 22, 2009